Social Bookmarking SEO Marketing

Internet today has a lot of social networking websites which you can use as an advancing tool in making a stronger internet presence for your business. By using social networking websites like Facebook, Friendster, and other social networking sites, you can easily place a link which can entice visitors to check your website. Basically, social bookmarking is a process in which people using the internet have the capability of saving the link of a particular website for them to be able to easily remember or share to others who they want to explore that particular website. By using a metadata, people can easily search, manage or save bookmarks which is usually in the form of what others call "tags". By having your website link on their list of bookmarks, they can easily visit your website whenever they want to.

Social bookmarking is more effective when done by professionals who have the expertise in this particular field of internet marketing. OCS for instance, can provide you with excellent service in using social bookmarking as a tool to further enhance your web presence. This can guarantee an excellent result in terms of increased traffic on your website on a daily basis.

Social Bookmarking services

  • Social bookmarking links are one way links not reciprocal
  • All the submission are done manually
  • We only submit your site to the best social bookmarking sites on the net
  • Google loves this sites and index them in less than a week
  • All the sites have a high PR (PR4-PR9)
  • We provide you full reports so you can see exactly where your links are placed
  • You can provide us the titles or the descriptions or you can let one of our writers compose them.